Editing a Page

Start editing the content of your site.


Click Entries‘ from the menu to the left. 


You will then see a list of your site’s entries, you can use the menu to the left to choose to either see all entries or specific types of entries. Singles’ will contain entries which have a unique template, such as the homepage. You may also see categories such as Blog’, depending on which features your site has. 


After clicking an entry you will see a list of fields which you can use to edit the various areas of content. In the right column you can edit details such as the date of the page’s creation, the date it’s been updated and whether it’s enabled or disabled. You can also click Live Preview’ to see a preview of how the page will look as you edit it.


You can then click Save’ to save your changes. If you click the arrow on the Save’ button then you’ll see the option for other saving options.

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