Microsoft Outlook 2013

Set up your email account using Microsoft Outlook 2013.


Open Microsoft Outlook 2013.


Click File’ in the top left corner of the screen, then click Add Account’.


Select Manually Configure Server Settings’, then click Next’.


You should now be asked for your account information, under the User Information’ heading fill in your name or your company’s name and the email address you’re using. Under the Server Information’ heading the Incoming Mail Server’ needs to be set to mail​.your​do​main​name​.co​.uk’. In the Outgoing Mail Server’ box enter your internet service provider’s outgoing mail server (if you don’t have this information enter the same details that are in the Incoming Mail Server’ box). Under the Log on Information’ heading enter your user name (usually your email address for this account) and enter your password.


If you entered mail​.your​do​main​name​.co​.uk’ in the Outgoing Mail Server’ box click More Settings’ and select the Outgoing Server’ tab and tick the My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication’ box and click OK’.


Click Next’ and this should take you through testing your settings and after this you can click Close’.

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