Mozilla Thunderbird

Set up your email account using Mozilla Thunderbird.


Open Thunderbird.


Click Tools’ and select Account Settings’.


An Internet Account Settings’ window should open, click Add Account’ and select Email Account’, click Next’.


You should then be asked for your name (this is the name associated with your email address, people who receive your emails will see this as the sender) and your email address, enter these and click Next’.


You should then be asked for your server information. Select POP’, Incoming server’ needs to be mail​.your​do​main​name​.co​.uk’, tick the Use Global Inbox’ checkbox and if this the first time you’ve used Thunderbird the Outgoing Server’ box will display, enter your internet service provider’s outgoing mail server (if you don’t have this information enter the same details that are in the Incoming Server’ box). Click Next’.


You should then be asked for your Incoming User Name’ (usually your email address for this account), then click Next’.


You should then be asked for your account name, this is for your reference so the account can be stored on your computer as something more memorable. After entering this information click Next’.


Thunderbird should then show you your settings, check that these appear correctly, then click Finish’.


A window should now display asking for the Mail Server Password’, this is the password associated with your email account. Enter your password then click OK’ to finish setting up your account.

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