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Verse Service Review

As part of a recent review of the Verse servers and services, it has been brought to our attention by our technical department that your site is currently being hosted by a provider that we no longer recommend.


It’s clear from this review that there are alternative hosting providers that would be far more beneficial to your business needs.

We’re always looking for the best available options for our clients and we wanted to share with you our thoughts, but also wanted to share our recommendations while also highlighting alternative options that are available to you.


Ultimately, we want to keep you updated about the best options out there so that you can benefit, get the most out of your site, all while taking into account the annual costs that you pay.


Drawbacks of your current hosting provision

So, let's take a look...

Currently, your website is hosted by Heart Internet as part of our shared hosting provision. This is currently billed annually giving you website hosting alongside basic email options. The costs associated with this are paid to Verse each year and cover your hosting from January – December.


This particular system of hosting is supported by a large capacity server that supports multiple websites.

Originally this setup was extremely suitable for smaller sites and initially very reliable, while also including an email service bundled in as part of the service which was very reliable and (vitally) easy to work with.

Over the past few years, Heart Internet has undergone quite a few changes, a key one of these was the acquisition of the company by the larger Host Europe Group;

Following this change, we have seen that the quality of the service is no longer:

What we expect
What we require
As stable as it was

The result of this is a total reassessment of our preferred hosting provider going forward.

Until recently, we'd believed that this service still remained the best place to serve your site.

The service is still secure and mostly reliable, but the increasing frequency of the issues (listed below) and the associated limitations have led us to this point:

Core reliability has dropped

We’re seeing more instances of server failures resulting in downtime for your websites — Websites being online and functional is the bare minimum requirement expected and when this is no longer the case, we suggest taking action.

Unable to resolve email issues

Email issues with certain providers that Heart has been unable to resolve — We have seen that the ‘free’ bolt-on email service Heart provide is not maintained to a level that you would expect from dedicated providers.

This has resulted in emails not being received by users or accounts serviced by Gmail, Sky and BT — The main players in the market. When your emails are no longer being received the service becomes compromised.

Issues with the speed of servers

Recently, we have seen that the servers themselves have been changed/moved/not-updated, and the speed with which they’re responding is no longer optimal.

This can have an effect when users try to access your website, creating a less-than-ideal customer experience.

Shared resource & Impact of other sites

The impact of other sites can be felt at times — With a shared resource such as this, if one site takes too much of the resource (bandwidth), it can affect both the speed and response times of others.

We have seen as the servers become ‘fuller’ that we’re noticing a considerable impact on site speeds, especially at peak times.

SSL issues affecting Google ranking

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) issues — SSL has become a key ranking factor with Google placing your site highly in relevant searches for keywords and terms that relate to your business.

The implementation of SSL on your site on shared hosting is possible, but this can be both very difficult, ultimately costly to implement and it can also be hard to work with.

Servers appearing overloaded

Servers appear to be overloaded with more than an optimal number of sites — Following the buyout of Heart, we have seen the care which they used to place on how the servers were set up and run has declined somewhat.

This is likely a result of cost-saving/maximising profit shifts, including placing more sites on a server than we would like, which again impacts the experience when using your site.


Why you should consider making a change

In light of these recent developments, we would strongly suggest that you take action to update how (and where) your site is hosted.

We have looked into this and we would suggest that you update your hosting provider to a newer 1&1 IONOS which we would be able to action working with you.

Some of the key benefits of this shift would be:


The base provision is similar to the shared hosting; however, resources are reserved so that another site’s increased traffic (bandwidth consumption) can't negatively impact/take your site down.


Servers are more secure, and all standard web ports are locked down making hacking less likely


The option of SSL is also included for free — resulting in a positive impact on Google searches


Should your site grow or have a planned increase in traffic, hosting can be simply upgraded to cope with more demand.

All of this comes with a basic price of


which would be paid directly to 1&1 — Verse makes no commission or financial reward from this, we’re simply suggesting a switch purely for the benefit of your site. We’re aware that this is more than your current payment, but again, we only want to inform you about the best hosting provider that’s best suited to your needs.


Should you choose to upgrade your hosting, there would also have to be an update to your email hosting which almost every other hosting company does not bundle in with hosting for good reason.

We can help you set up a new email service and there are a number of decent options, such as:


Includes a suite of other cloud services


Includes a suite of other cloud services


Another viable option for email services


Costs, complexities and a solution

So, it is clear that there’s a cost difference here and while it may be more, we do feel it’s our duty to share options for an even better service.

If you do choose to switch providers, you’ll pay this directly to them and Verse will make no profit from you doing so. But if you wish to stay with your current plan that’s fine and keeping things as they are won’t create any issues for either of us.


We just wanted to bring you up to speed with the results of our findings, while also taking the chance to present the best current hosting options for your site and its ongoing presence.


If there’s anything else that you would like to discuss further; whether that’s the hosting, positioning of your current website or any of the options listed above, you’ll find our contact details below and we’ll be more than happy to discuss this further.

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