eCommerce for Manufacturers

Our guide for setting up your online operations for success – from day one

Did you know that manufacturers who provide B2B clients with easy-to-use eCommerce interfaces see an average 30% increase in customer spending?

Benefits of adopting eCommerce as part of your operations

  • A scalable, cloud-based solution makes it simple roll out products to new markets.

  • Automate large-volume order processing.

  • Save your sales representatives' valuable time (and cost) by enabling your customers to benefit from self-service on your customer portal. With eCommerce, they can check order status or history, complete payments, get quotes and have access to product and technical product information.

  • Allows your sales team to do what they do best - build relationships with customers and potential customers, and deliver unrivalled customer service.

Myths regarding B2B eCommerce debunked

Pricing transparency and channel conflict

MYTH: "By sharing my pricing online, I will deter clients and level the playing field for competitors."
TRUTH:The opposite is actually true. With buyers increasingly doing extensive research online before ever reaching out to you, they’re already aware of general costs. Making your pricing accessible simplifies the process for potential buyers and inspires trust.

MYTH: "Adopting eCommerce will result in channel conflict."
TRUTH: Manufacturers in particular rely on resellers, distributors, and other partners to sell their products. Specific pricing structures just for partners, sales incentive programs, and other creative strategies will benefit both your bottom line and your partners.

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