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Creative direction and user experience to elevate a timeless classic

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Our mission with Miller & Carter has been to help the brand optimise its online guest experience and digital user journey. There was a requirement from the brand that this project would be the catalyst for growth within core KPI channels — by gaining frequent prolonged engagement, bolstered by a steadily increasing user base.

From the outset of this project, it was apparent that the Miller & Carter website could benefit from significant modernisation in order to best represent the brand's products and service within the digital sphere.

We felt that the websites inconsistent use of imagery, asset sizing, and the overall creative had a negative impact on the overall UX journey. By implementing changes to the websites UI as a result of the changing developmental landscape, we needed to create the foundation for a digital platform that could evolve in sync with the Miller & Carter brand.


Before we could dramatically alter anything on the site, it was clear that there needed to be a focus on the overall creative. This approach led to the creation of comprehensive digital brand guidelines that would standardise, set ground rules and direct all future creative tasks.

This process has resulted in a complete overhaul and redesign of each of the site's assets to comply with the central guidelines while ensuring a uniformity was present in the creative approach.

In short, we created a guide for how things should be done, reworked everything and this is the way the creative will be implemented going forward.

All of the new creative is mobile optimised in order to literally ‘scale to’ the changing trends in how people primarily use the internet now and, in the years, to come.


Our journey with Miller & Carter is ongoing and we’re continuing to work on improving the customer journey, resulting in fewer clicks to conversion from key pages or external channels (including emails and push notifications).

The whole experience whether browsing on a desktop or a mobile now performs much quicker across all devices and it’ll only get better going forward.

There’s also an increased focus towards further improving and enhancing the user experience on mobile and smart devices. More than 60% of sites are now accessed using a mobile phone, so the focus on optimising sites for these devices is important.

External channels are also an area of persistent focus, with email and social landing pages experiencing quite the overhaul in the last few months alone.

By establishing a clear base for approaching the overall brand design across a number of channels, Miller & Carter’s digital presence has clearly been enhanced across the board.

There’s an awareness of the change in users’ habits and this has been evidenced in the number of changes not only across the brand's website but also the same design guidelines are being implemented in all assets across the brand's external channels.

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