Romney's Kendal Mint Cake

A digital transformation bringing 100 years of heritage into the 21st century

Design / Architecture


A company with over 100 years of trading under their belt, Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake needs no introduction. The popularity of the energy bar has been sealed since being the companion of choice for Sir Edmund Hilary and Sirdar Tenzing’s historic conquering of Mount Everest in 1953.

Not to compare the two, but Kendal Mint Cake were facing a mountain of a challenge of their own. Though their products were sold online since 2016, the back office system of their website was clunky and only created more work. Traffic was relatively low and wasn’t optimised for mobile. However as a traditional family outfit rooted so deeply in our home in the Lake District, there could be no compromise on the heritage and trust the brand had built. Their new website had to speak to loyal customers and reach potential new ones alike.

Increase in returning visitor transactions


With such a strong brand name and identity, our discovery process with Romney’s was all about translating their business goals into the digital arena. Once the creative direction for the website was set, our team worked hard on crafting both design elements and website information architecture.

Our design work tied together their Lake District namesake, Everest summit legacy and the modern adventures they continue to fuel today. Retro-style mountain peak skyline motifs sit alongside more modern typography page backgrounds to give a really balanced feel to the site rooted in history but always looking forward.

Shopify CMS was implemented as the system used for online trading, including a bespoke theme unique to Romneys. All aspects of the site were also made fully mobile responsive.

Increase in online store conversions


It’s always an honour to work with such a titan of British manufacturing, especially when they’re such a local success now known and loved all over the world. Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake’s new website is the perfect platform to ensure their story is told to a whole new generation of customers online looking for adventure.

Increase in average order value

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