Taking pioneering eco startup from concept to reality

Web App Design / Graphic Design / Illustration


Self-identified “environmental misfits” Pawprint wanted to take the judgement out of measuring, understanding and reducing carbon footprint. Individuals and organisation employees can input their lifestyle choices - including diet, travel and more - and the app can suggest changes to make the most impact. As a dynamic startup that received their first round of funding, Pawprint’s business offer was constantly developing. They needed an agile responsive team that could develop a web app from concept through to reality. To push to the next level, Pawprint had to prove a community of loyal monthly app users that were engaged enough to return, and at a rapid scale. Oh, and during a pandemic.


We needed to deliver a guide, community companion and powerful measurement tool all at once, to bring to life Pawprint’s vision. Our development team designed and built a Progressive Web App with an engaging user interface. Splash screens, logs in, challenges and goals were all built bespoke. To keep users coming back, we took each individual on their own progressive journey to creating habits that stick. Custom illustrations also by our team of their branding, Bjorn the polar bear, tied together their standout identity.

Year one registered app users


Working so closely with the Pawprint team brought great results, while ensuring we remained adaptable to fit their build pipeline and structure. We produced a product that the customer and user alike are delighted with and went far beyond the normal standard for an MVP.

Our team helped Pawprint reach their monthly recurring users targets to secure their next round of funding, and created the foundation from which they could build a great business product.

New clients
“We appreciated how hard the Verse team worked to bring our ideas to life, despite a good dose of scope creep from our side. This first version of Pawprint was well received by initial users and investors. Users loved the look and feel and the usability and it was absolutely a step beyond an average MVP. Verse provided us with the first step on our journey and we liked the skills and enthusiasm of the team. Since working with them in early 2020, we have evolved Pawprint from a consumer offering to a business product too building on the foundations Verse created.”
Mark McCafferty
Head of Key Relationships

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