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BAU Marketing Content Delivery

Do you need help with content marketing?

As your business grows and expands the need to focus on enhancing, and expanding, your digital presence becomes a key driver for your business — this is why it helps to outsource your web content management duties to a specialised team. Verse can assist with the initial and ongoing content management for your existing digital projects and platforms by adding an additional resource to help accompany your team’s delivery of new and existing website builds, web page developments, creative design implementation and further marketing upgrades as and when required. We’ll be with you every step of the way, through each phase of the content management process from the planning of projects to the updating of and ongoing maintenance of webpages across your sites.

BAU Content Delivery
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Verse's Specialities: Marketing Content Delivery, Email marketing, Copywriting and Design

Enhance and expand upon your digital presence

What is BAU content delivery?

Business as usual content delivery is a content management provision focusing on the implementation and publishing of digital copy and designs to positively communicate messaging to your guests, customers and other clients.

With over a decade of experience in delivering web builds, development, design & marketing services; Verse is able to offer a full suite of services to work alongside or inplace of your teams delivering web & marketing projects.

We have a proven history of working alongside major national & international companies to deliver multiple projects, as well as the capacity to oversee the ongoing management of your digital channels.

  • Management of website content
  • Working under Brand or Client direction
  • Copywriting - Blogs, offers, emails, articles, SEO-led content
BAU Content Delivery
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Digital implementation & publishing

Positively communicate messaging to guests, customers and clients

Content Marketing On Demand

In a world where a business’s digital presence is increasingly the key driver to a broader reach, it’s vital that your online presence is professionally managed and maintained to the highest standards.

Potential customers will simply Google the services or products that you offer, while existing customers, guests or clients tend to prefer digital platforms when it comes to all aspects of interaction or engagement. Therefore, it’s key that you give your digital presence the attention it deserves.

From marketing campaigns to email marketing projects, mobile application copy to whitepapers, all the way through to brochures and entire websites – we can work with you to deliver content that gets attention and traction. Communicating effectively with your audience is key to growing your audience and driving customer loyalty.

Verse can help your business drive efficiency & achieve results by providing:
  • A great ROI for our clients
  • Results led advice & guidance
  • Tone-of-voice & brand guidelines
  • Content strategy
  • Campaign delivery across multiple platforms
  • Talented in-house team of designers and marketeers with specialties in SEO, SEM, PPC, email marketing, content delivery, illustration, design and more.
  • Stand-alone or client-managed teams
  • Focus on data-led tasks and growth marketing
  • Help with establishing and achieving KPIs
BAU Content Delivery
Tailored teams aligned to your requirements

Manage your digital channels effectively and in-line with your brands

Our approach

You may be wondering; how do we make this work for our clients and how can this work for you? It’s quite simple really, Verse will establish a tailored team specifically aligned to your requirements to manage your digital channels effectively and in line with your established brand guidelines.

Working from a pre-created, finely tuned and established process, our specialists will be brought up to speed with your team’s working approach and company requirements. Led by experienced Verse management, our teams will ensure the smooth operation of your channels which can be then measured against pre-set KPI’s — making sure that value is achieved and surpassed. We will oversee the management of the teams, handling of reviews and any HR requirements etc. which will go some ways to reducing the costs and effort often associated with an in-house provision.

In short, we can provide:
  • Specialist experts in your choice of CMS
  • Channel-experienced team members - social, web, mobile and more
  • Best practice delivered in-line with your planned output.

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