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Digital transformation: empowering businesses through technology & innovation

We help ambitious businesses thrive by experimenting with new ideas and technologies, then scaling on successes.

As your business grows and expands the need to focus on expanding and positively enhancing your business becomes a key driver to success. Digital transformation will dramatically help your business by utilising existing as well as emerging digital technologies to help create or modify existing company processes, culture, policies and the allocation of resources — in response to changing business, customer and sector needs.

Making sustainable commitments is vital to the success of businesses in 2022 and beyond. We tap into new value and enable growth by crafting ideas into tangible solutions.

Digital transformation
“Clearly, the thing that’s transforming is not the technology — it’s the technology that is transforming you.”

— Jeanne W. Ross | MIT Sloan’s Center for Information Systems Research

What is digital transformation?

In short, we transform businesses through the power of people, technology and innovation.

Verse works alongside mid-sized and large companies to help identify, implement and champion new digital practices, ways of working and processes. Highlighting the importance of company culture, change management and best practices alongside your transformation will help you in meeting changing market expectations.

Our specialities include:

  • Trade sites and eCommerce platforms
  • Accelerating growth for manufacturing companies who are looking to establish themselves online
  • Working with redbrick companies
  • Sales desk transformations
  • ERP Integrations
  • Linking with APIs & stock management systems
  • Supercharging marketing, sales and conversion rates: e.g. portfolio email campaign delivery, e-commerce conversion optimisation
To respond to new challenges, business leaders should consider the following:
  • Look into the future and redefine their purpose
  • Brand transformations and repositioning
  • Think like a start-up: design, build, test and iterate
  • Driving business efficiency
  • Consolidate multiple platforms into a connected system with a 'single source of truth'
  • Have efficient processes and IT infrastructures for portfolio and estate management
  • Embrace transformation as a continuous way of working

Partner with Verse to future-proof your business

Rather than overtly focussing on traditional roles, such as marketing, customer service, sales & management, Verse’s provision of digital transformation is focused on adjusting and fine-tuning your company’s approach to your business.

Our approach helps you future-proof your operations – partnering with you on your journey to becoming more efficient, agile and profitable.

Examples of challenges a digital transformation process could address:
  • Streamlining a bloated workforce
  • Considerate and measurable use of company (and external) resource
  • Tracking, filing and organisation of vital company documentation
  • Enhancing communication by providing multiple avenues for cross-site collaboration
  • M&As: Preparing your company for a transition in ownership
Digital Transformation

A leading industrial catering and foodservice equipment company

Our approach

Our speciality is predominantly focused on the design & development of beautiful, seamless, responsive and simple to use bespoke websites. Many of the projects we are involved with are often a catalyst for the dramatic and forward-thinking transformation of many companies; using the website updates to act as a foundation towards bringing the wider company into the digital realm across the board.

Verse will work with you to establish how this can best work for you and align the project team to your needs to ensure that these goals can not only be met but surpassed — within budget and on time.

Before, during and after the website build element of a project, we always take steps to fully embed ourselves within your team and your ways of working — to align ourselves with the setup and requirements of your company. This puts us in a position that allows us to understand your company needs, why they’re required and how we can make digital work best for our business.

By ensuring consistent communication with senior stakeholders in your team, our transition team will ensure that the right processes & practices are chosen before being implemented to produce the maximum effect. Our work for clients has resulted in considerable success with a number of recent projects experiencing positive outcomes across the board.

Success stories


Our work with Lincat began with the design and build of a brand-new, innovative online presence that completely overhauled its previous iteration. The new Lincat site was officially launched earlier this year to considerable praise from both online and print media outlets.

Prior to the website redesign, it was a complex process when it came to fulfilling orders from its customers.

These customers would have to contact the Lincat Helpdesk, who would then take the customers details, outline product specifications for the working space, as well as confirming the manufacture and delivery costs with information being inputted into multiple systems, and all of this was before Lincat could organise the delivery of catering equipment to customers — in short, it was a particularly long manual ordering process that came with considerable overhead costs as a result.


The success of this has enabled Lincat to make a series of beneficial business decisions, and the system has been able to not only reduce but wholly remove inefficient (and costly) elements of the working process to better use its workforce to drive performance, lower overall costs — ultimately this project has had a hugely positive impact on its customers and the purchasing experience as a whole.

Lincat has gone from having a non-transactional web presence with a time-consuming requirement for manual ordering, to a revolutionary eCommerce website that has resulted in a significant uplift in sales — with a consistent six-figure monthly turnover from online sales alone.

The food industry press had a number of positive things to say about the new Lincat website, following its successful launch earlier this year:

Catering Insight
“Lincat unveils ‘game-changing’ website for dealer ordering online”.
Food Service Equipment Journal
“Lincat unleashes website aimed at revolutionising catering equipment purchases”

If you’re considering how best to go about approaching digital transformation with respect to your company....

Get in touch with Verse today, we can ensure that each step of the digital transformation process is not only painless but also seamless and easily approachable by every person within your team. From project inception to the post-launch stage, we are on hand to support and explain each part of the overall journey. Once you reach the finish line, we’ll still be there supporting you through the next steps.

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