CraftCMS V3

Craft V3 CMS is light, simple and fast

Craft is finally nearing the finish line for version 3 of its well-regarded content management system (CMS). With a number of changes being made throughout consistent updates of the release candidate versions — it seems like it’s almost there. Craft V3 brings with it a raft of improvements and has been well received by web developers with experience in Craft V2.

Better localisation support, render time boosts, optimised memory consumption, and a modernised coding base are just a few of the enhancements seen in Craft Version 3.

The best CMS’ are those that don’t impede but instead enhance the experience from behind the scenes. Craft V3 implements a number of benefits that strengthen the developmental and user experience across the board. Localisation has also been granted an upgrade, and now features more locales for easier translation on the fly.

Many of the changes to Craft V3 focus on speed, security and memory optimisation. V3 brings a render increase five-times faster than Craft V2, which improves the loading time of web pages. When combined with the optimised memory consumption, V3 uses far less memory during tasks — these improvements reduce the likelihood that a site owner would need to pay for a more powerful server to handle their website(s).

The modernised coding base is also a welcome boon for developers, and alongside upgrades to the CMS scripting language PHP 7, this has resulted in a faster, more, secure and improved developer experience with the CMS. Coupled with a redesigned, faster and cleaner Control Panel (CP), Craft V3 is now simple to update on mobile and smart devices.

At Verse, we’re always looking at ways to enhance web designs and create intelligent and intuitive user experiences for our clients. We’ve found Craft to be a very adept, flexible and powerful CMS platform. It’s simple to use from a user/​administrator standpoint and allows the user to create visually striking posts without the assistance or technical knowledge of a web developer.

The majority of our new sites are now being built on this CMS, and this includes the likes of April’s Kitchen, and also the picturesque Pure Morzine.

The changes in Craft V3 has given our clients the confidence to make additions or amendments without the overwhelming burden of having to be technically astute — resulting in aesthetically pleasing posts and articles which don’t negatively impact the site design.

We try to take the complications out of web technology for each of our clients, while still ensuring that their digital presence radiates a positive change for their business and their brand. Craft V3 has reduced the overhead required of other CMS’, and it has also helped to simplify the process without sacrificing the impact.

If you’d like to know more about how we could do the same for you and your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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