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How many times have you found yourself at the checkout point with a full basket ready to purchase then you’re asked for a password? You can’t remember the password so you have to create an account, suddenly the excitement for your purchase has faded and you’re now thinking Is it really worth it?” You close the browser and carry on with your day.

There are so many ways this scenario can be avoided and by looking into the way website visitors interact with your user interface (UI). Simply put, a UI is anything a user may interact with to use a digital product or service. This includes everything from screens and touchscreens, sounds, and even lights.

In today’s digital world you must consider every touchpoint to get that all-important ecstatic review. Explore our top tips to see you through these strange times.

Actionable ideas to boost bookings and keep your brand top-of-mind

Booking integrations

The user experience of your booking journey is so key to your success. An increase of 1 or 2% in conversion rate could be the difference between an average month and a record-breaker. When you don’t have the human element of customer service, it’s important that the user journey is simple enough that the guest doesn’t need to worry about speaking to the manager!

An off-the-shelf system like https://​sir​voy​.co​.uk/ can be integrated simply and seamlessly to create fantastic results.

Content is king

Following on from the point about engagement and owning your digital space. Content is a key weapon in your arsenal to truly engage your customers.

Now is a great time to get creative. We had lots of fun creating these activity sheets for Ravenglass Railway, they can be downloaded and printed at home and are a great way of delivering a great customer experience even when you’re unable to provide your usual service.


It seems like an obvious one but if done wrong could be a costly mistake for your business. Have you evaluated your end-to-end booking journey on a mobile device?

Nowadays it’s more likely that your customers will only be using mobile devices to access your website – particularly now when most of your target audience is at home, with phone usage on the rise. This is the time to ensure you’re making it as easy as possible for them to use your services from the palm of their hand.


Reputation is everything. Star ratings and reviews make it possible for anyone to see what previous customers really thought of your product or service, and their opinions can make or break you.

It’s important to acknowledge that the customer experience is still in action even after the product or service has been used. Negative reviews can be turned around: as long as they are acknowledged there’s always a chance to improve a customers opinion.

If your flow of customers has decreased over the past months, why not think out of the box? For example, you could get in touch with previous guests and exchange a voucher for a Google Business or Trip Advisor review.

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