Expression Engine 4

It’s Easy To Build Seamless User Experiences With ExpressionEngine4

It’s Easy To Build Seamless User Experiences With ExpressionEngine4

ExpressionEngine is an extremely flexible and capable content management system (CMS), which allows you to build a simple-to-use website with the end user in mind. Now in its fourth iteration, ExpressionEngine remains an extremely powerful, freeform and reliable content management system.

ExpressionEngine4 (EE4) has been coded in such a way that users without any technical proficiency are able to manage and maintain their websites without issue. EE4 enables a user to amend content simply, quickly, and effectively all while retaining the websites design integrity — best of all, no prior knowledge of HTML is required!

Getting the best from EE4

Having designed and built a range of successful websites within EE, we’re confident in the capabilities of the CMS, especially with regards to its reliability and continued support. The system offers great flexibility, as well as a range of customisation options courtesy of the ability to implement your own custom plugins (should you wish).

Our talented developers have already built a range of established websites, from small brochure sites such as The Rothen Group to complex e-commerce systems, which are hosted over multiple sites such as Grangers International, and the upscale boutique Bath House boutique experience.

When it comes to building a website for our clients, we always endeavour to choose the most suitable CMS for their needs and following the build of a website our tech team are able to provide ongoing support and security updates over the course of the first month following launch.

It’s all about taking the complexity out of a web build, ensuring that the finished product is not one that’s going to overwhelm the client. We’ll take the stress out of creating your digital presence, all you need to do is have a clear idea for the service/​product you want to promote, and we’ll help you to realise your vision.

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