Google’s New Mobile Optimisation’ Algorithm

Google’s search algorithm has changed the focus from PC to Mobile.

Back in 2015, Google began implementing its Mobile Optimisation Algorithm. This algorithm focused on mobile and smart devices, and showed a shift from desktops to a mobile first index’. This was in response to an increase in Google searches on mobile devices, rather than on a desktop, and the search giant knew exactly where its focus should be going forward.

Google decided that it’d begin indexing websites according to how well they’d been optimised for mobile devices. It stated that from 21st April 2015, Google Search would expand its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Google’s search rankings are now listed according to the mobile version of the content, and this applies to searches that are made on a desktop or laptop PC.

Google made these (well in advance) changes for audience outreach purposes, saying that, Users will find it easier to get relevant, high-quality search results optimised for their devices.’

Regardless of how others feel about the proliferation of smart devices as the main driver of the internet, it’s clear that Google is taking the lead on the browsing habits of many of its users. The search engine also considers the particular habits of developing countries — whose main method of internet access will be primarily restricted to smartphones, often due to limited internet infrastructure.

Here at Verse, we’ve been thinking along the same lines when it comes to how our clients’ users browse the internet. All of the sites we create for our clients are responsive, and this means that they’ll scale to a variety of screen sizes, including mobile; which is imperative moving forward.

If you’re thinking of how you might want to future-proof your digital platform — or you feel that you could do with completely revolutionising how your brand engages with your users — get in touch and we’d be delighted to hear more about your brand, your audience, and how best to achieve your objectives.

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