Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce

Which Commerce Platform is Right for Your Brand?

Imagine you’re a brand deciding on which football team to back. One’s a seasoned pro, known for it’s consistent game and fresh tactics, while the other’s the new kid on the block, always shaking things up. It’s a bit like choosing between Shopify Plus and BigCommerce for your online shop, especially as the world buzzes about headless” or, as we like to say, composable” setups.

Both platforms offer a world of opportunities. Let’s break down what might tip the scales for you.

Shopify Plus: The Seasoned Pro




BigCommerce: The New Kid on the Block




Our Take

Our Take

Both platforms are ace for brands. We’re buzzing about the headless and composable innovations. Shopify Plus, in our eyes, shines as both a leader and a trailblazer. Their commitment to shaping the future of omni-channel experiences and tools like Sanity CMS, Hydrogen, and Oxygen is a game-changer. And the best bit? Their investments are making top-tier tech more affordable. Both BigCommerce and Shopify Plus are paving the way for brands to be at the forefront of ecommerce, but we reckon Shopify Plus has that extra sparkle.

Wondering how the Headless” Composable world fits your brand? 

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From our experience, many brands save a tidy sum by switching to a composable platform over 3 years. It’s an investment that quickly pays off, letting you reinvest in your brand’s growth.

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