The Importance Of Great Imagery

There’s a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words’

As an agency that works with numerous clients in a variety of sectors, we’re well aware of the attention that great imagery receives. We’re also mindful of the impact that neglecting to use high-quality images can have on a business’s brand, and its visual communication — this generally covers social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and of course your website.

Carefully chosen pictures and visual images really do have the capability to communicate a message, grab a reader’s attention, tell a story, and even compel the reader to respond. If a website is to be successful then it’s essential that it’s populated with unique, relevant and quality content. 

If you’re serious about the potential of your website then avoid low-resolution images entirely. Invest in a professional photographer, and you’ll benefit from the talents of someone who can make authentic and artistically edited photos, which are then used only on your website. It’s both unique and personal.

In an age when every smartphone has a camera, it’s simple for anyone to download image editing applications, and then instantly share them on a number of social media platforms — the humble photo has become quite derivative and an almost throwaway commodity.

Many websites still fail to take advantage of compelling images, and they tend to waffle on to their detriment. If you have a website that uses text and imagery effectively, then it’s more likely that the user will stay there. Who wants to read a wall of text after all? Websites are no longer just a portal to a product or a service they’re digital experiences. The aim of any business wanting to succeed online is to make everything as engaging, and as memorable as possible.

Images make us feel a certain way, if you’re looking at a website that makes excellent use of imagery and colours then it’s more likely that you’ll spend money. The same as if you were in a shop which had been carefully merchandised. It’s appealing to the end-user, and they’re more likely to be engaged by the products on show. There’s also the likelihood that the information will be easily absorbed by the user.

At Verse we don’t just build websites, we craft meaningful and catchy experiences. People don’t want to browse a website — they initially only want the information they’re looking for. Often, they’ll go to a website, scan the page until they come across the information they want, and log off. At Verse, we make websites that are focused on engaging with users and retaining their attention from the moment they go to a website.

Emotion is a powerful feeling which can be utilised to influence buying habits through well-targeted imagery when showing merchandise on your website. Positive imagery creates a similar emotion, and this works. Think long and hard about the imagery used on your website.

Contact us at Verse, and we can discuss how images can be displayed in a number of ways. From the movement of imagery to interactive elements, and how these feed into the overall user experience. The opportunities for harnessing the right approach to image use are endless, and it comes down to how you wish to present them to your customer.

For more information on how you can harness the power of memorable visual content across all your published media, get in touch with us at Verse.

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