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Technology leadership and innovation for an ambitious and unique estate and letting brand

Ewemove is a top-rated estate agency and letting business, based in North Yorkshire. They are passionate about customer experience and are focused on offering excellence for their customers' moving experience. They have shown their dedication by differentiating themselves from conventional estate and letting agencies by streamlining their services so they can provide devoted agents to each of their clients, providing a personal touch.

The challenge

Ewemove approached Verse with a number of both short-term and longer-term challenges. One of these is their desire to upgrade their CRM to Openview to help tackle capacity issues. Ewemove also had a strong ambition to start building significant momentum in its growth and propel its brand roadmap forward swiftly. Ewemove needed a trusted partner to supercharge their business and Verse was asked to support not only their brand, and market presence but also to help strengthen their connection with their target audiences whilst leveraging cutting-edge technology to allow them to take a more proactive approach.

How we supercharged ewemove

Verse teamed up with ewemove to become their newest agency partner and manage all customer experience, technological platforms, and unlocking their brand potential. One of the first issues we helped them tackle was their capacity challenges by implementing an Openview CRM platform. With a tight-knit collaboration, Verse worked as an integral partner, offering comprehensive support, bug repairs, and streamlining their roadmap. As a trusted agency, Verse now also extends its services to other brands owned by The Property Franchise Group.


1.4s Page speed

92 SEO score

97 Performance score

What we did


Microservice middleware development

8 weeks

Roadmap acceleration and bug squashing

4 weeks

Brand growth and audience connection

8 weeks
01Enhanced efficiency

Enhancing efficiency through seamless integration

Modernising, and adapting a microservice that was already in development.

We were introduced to the project that was already in flight. We adapted and enhanced their custom microservice that had up until our involvement been built internally. We needed to unpack and deeply understand where they had been previously, the vision they had for where the microservice needed to go, and then innovate beyond that. We introduced automated testing, refactored a lot of code to update it to be more robust and modern, and expanded it to include business-critical functionality with integration with their new OpenView CRM.

We then further extended the microservice’s functionality taking into account their innovative  ‘Brief Your Market’ functionality which required us to backfill some of the missing capabilities for Ewemove’s integration with Rightmove. This allowed Ewemove to better geo-locate and match interested buyers with the correct local office as leads came in. This is huge timesaving, improving Ewemoves customer experience directly and ensuring that local branches would get the right enquires. As a further benefit, this also allowed Ewemove to save significant costs on their integrations with Rightmove.

The seamless CRM integration not only improved operational efficiency but also enhanced collaboration and data management across their business and marketing teams. We worked closely with Ewemove to understand their particular challenges and requirements for the integration and demonstrated our ability to deeply understand their technical history and unique sector challenges very quickly. We worked rapidly and were able to lead their team from the front to help get the middleware enhanced and adapted for their unique business requirements, and we helped them to get it operational and launched as fast as possible.


Investing in a robust middleware solution can streamline CRM integration, leading to increased efficiency and improved cross-team collaboration. Unlocking their ability to react to buyer changes as the market changes quickly. Ewemove, through leveraging our team as a verse.partner were able to unlock their potential and get to market far more quickly than keeping it in house.


Prioritising Customer Experience (CX) through support, feature development and bug squashing

Ewemove's commitment to customer satisfaction was exemplified through its proactive bug-fixing initiatives, resulting in a smoother user experience.

By partnering with Verse, Ewemove successfully resolved critical issues, resulting in improved user satisfaction and increased customer retention. As Ewemove is an online-only agency, many of the website features and internal tooling that we supported and introduced have direct and immediate benefits for new and existing branches while also making existing branches. Squashing bugs quickly, and proactively solving unique customer flow challenges and new features is hugely impactful to Ewemove’s digital-only strategy and also facilitates their ambition to scale branches rapidly across the UK.

Our verse.partner integrated way of working, directly with their internal teams with streamlined comms via Slack meant we’re able to work extremely efficiently as a genuine outsource ‘in-house’ team to move rapidly. They are able to get near enough ‘to the minute’ rapid responses to requests as they come in. We supported the launch to market of the new ewemove website that had been in development for some time and yet had stalled at the last hurdle. We helped them unblock the challenges, get it over the line, and to market ahead of the summer season which is an extremely important time for the property industry.


Prioritising bug fixes and proactive support can significantly enhance the user experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased retention rates. We helped them unblock the challenges, get it over the line, and to market ahead of the summer season which is an extremely important time for the property industry. The benefits of moving faster and getting to market at a pivotal time proved to be a significant win for Ewemove that has solidified our long-term partnership as an integrated and deeply woven extension of their internal technical team.

Once Ewemove had started working with us on their internal tooling microservice project(s) (middleware), they were so impressed with our capabilities, responsiveness, and attention to detail, that they made the decision to move their full digital presence and website work across to our verse.partner structure finish off the snagging on it as an incomplete project as we were seen as the better option to progress this more quickly/efficiently and to get things done properly.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far with the Ewemove brand, and The Property Franchise Group more broadly in such a short amount of time. And we are enthused to continue that partnership as we scale up and accelerate Ewemove even further.