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Research-led creative direction for a mobile-first experience unlocks huge benefits with over 80% increase in table bookings

Harvester is a prominent British casual dining restaurant chain that boasts over 230 outlets in and around the United Kingdom. They are already a recognised 'household' brand and home to a great menu offering food and drink to suit all tastes and ages. Known best for its friendly atmosphere and the famous salad bar, Harvester is a firm family favourite.

The challenge

Harvester, keen to revamp their website approached Verse with a challenge. They were looking for a cutting-edge solution to effectively showcase their wide range of food offerings and ongoing promotional offers. Additionally, they sought to simplify the booking process for their customers and improve user experience to increase loyalty, engagement, and conversion rates.

How we supercharged Harvester

Verse, excited by the challenge of revamping Harvester's website, quickly created innovative designs which not only met the brief to give the site a fresh look and feel but also presented some stunning enhancements to the user experience too. Verse has since undertaken a comprehensive contract to manage the existing Harvester brand and individual outlet websites, implementing design updates and enhancing site functionality to align with evolving user browsing habits.


84% Table bookings

62% Mobile bookings

99% reduced bounce rate

What we did


Modern and inviting redesign

4 weeks

Streamlined booking process

1 week

Adaptation to evolving customer habits

2 weeks
01Customer experience

Engaging Users through a Revamped Design

By implementing a comprehensive website redesign strategy, Harvester successfully showcased their food offerings and promotions, resulting in improved user engagement.

The new design elements and appealing layouts played a crucial role in capturing user attention and enticing them to explore the diverse menu options and ongoing offers. Harvester's website redesign demonstrated the importance of visual appeal and user-friendly design in creating an immersive and engaging online experience.


Investing in a visually appealing and user-friendly website design can significantly enhance user engagement, create a positive brand impression, and drive increased interest in products and promotions. For Harvester, this led to improved customer engagement, increased bookings, and higher revenue.

02Clear and concise

Seamless Bookings for Enhanced Customer Experience

Harvester's commitment to providing a seamless booking process resulted in improved customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

The simplified and optimized booking process, along with intuitive navigation and clear calls-to-action, empowered users to make hassle-free reservations. By eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing complexity, Harvester enhanced the customer journey and improved the overall booking experience. This streamlined approach exemplified the importance of user-centric design and convenience in driving customer satisfaction.


Prioritising a streamlined booking process can enhance the customer experience, leading to higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction. For Harvester, this translated into increased bookings, improved customer loyalty, and a positive reputation for delivering a hassle-free online booking system.


Mobile Accessibility for Greater Engagement

Harvester's focus on mobile optimization enabled them to cater to a larger audience and capture the growing mobile user segment.

By adapting the website to mobile devices and optimizing its performance, Harvester successfully engaged users on smartphones and tablets, resulting in increased traffic and improved accessibility. This strategic move recognized the evolving browsing habits of consumers and the importance of providing a seamless mobile experience to reach and engage a broader audience.


Optimising the website for mobile devices can expand the reach of the brand and enhance user engagement, particularly as mobile browsing continues to grow in popularity. For Harvester, this led to increased mobile traffic, improved user satisfaction, and a competitive edge in catering to the needs of their tech-savvy customers.

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