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Leveraging composable commerce and marketing automation to nurture customer loyalty for craft supplies brand.

Harmonising user interface for a varied product catalogue, nurturing customer loyalty and crafting a distinguished members-only user experience.

What we did


Headless Ecommerce Design & Build

12 weeks

Automated Remarketing Flow

1 week


170 Subscribers in first month

3.5k New users in first month

28% Higher conversion rate


Sell and manage the entire product catalogue and customer data in one place

The Fabled Thread was limited on product types they could sell on their existing websites. They used separate websites to sell different product types, which they wanted to bring together to eliminate the disjointed customer journey.


A composable commerce architecture allowed us to create a website that could easily manage product inventory from multiple sources in one place; we incorporated Shopify Headless for physical merchandise, Recharge for subscriptions and Podia for courses.

The high-performing tech stack we chose, also included RemixJS framework and Oxygen hosting to create lightweight pages, maximise uptime, improve accessibility, security and scalability. Algolia Search and  Discovery was used to generate personalised product recommendations for cross-selling and upselling and supports the integration of AI-generated recommendations in the future.

Globalisation was supported through Shopify Markets providing greater control over product prices in different regions or countries. The multi-currency feature allows people to checkout in their own currency which was key for the large international audience. Other advanced features include ‘Bundles’ which aid conversion rates by guiding buyers through choosing product options to create a tailored kit.


Migrate from a restrictive CMS to Sanity CMS for improved customisability

The Fabled Thread found their existing CMS, Shogun, limited the customisability they wanted for page content. We chose Sanity CMS, providing a higher level of flexibility over layouts and creating custom blocks tailored to the brand’s specific requirements.


The refreshed UI design pays a visual homage to vivid hues and intricate patterns found in the tapestry-inspired products, whilst maximising the display of the captivating brand imagery. Seamlessly intertwining functionality with aesthetics facilitates a user-friendly interface while ensuring the products take centre stage.

The product data from Shopify is augmented with feature-rich and themable content blocks in Sanity CMS. Image hotspots can be added to the photo carousel, which is useful to highlight individual products within an inspiration photo. Product pages are standardised to display key details at a glance, e.g. difficulty level and time taken to complete, for higher customer satisfaction.

The Journal section takes a distinctive tailored approach, arranging images in alternating sizes and positioning, reminiscent of framed artwork on a gallery wall. This bespoke layout immerses users in an artful journey, enhancing engagement and fostering a sense of exploration.

Through a tailored design approach, vibrant tapestry-inspired visuals and strategic user-centric elements, The Fabled Thread website delivers a memorable brand personality that stands as a testament to the fusion of artistry and functionality.


Provide exclusive access to content and products for premium members

The Fabled Thread wanted to display different content to different users depending on their membership status. Paid subscribers would be able to access premium content, discounted products and exclusive events.


The newly built members portal uses Recharge to handle subscription data, and is linked to Shopify to create one source of truth for customer data. Users with an active subscription can log in to the members-only area to access their benefits. We also added dynamic content groups for standard pages which could be displayed or hidden based on membership status.

One notable facet of the website is the duality in design, particularly evident on membership pages. The contrasting design scheme was implemented to offer an exclusive, personalised experience for users who upgraded. Bold elements such as curved images and outlined blocks confer a contemporary ambience, ensuring a striking contrast with the primary design.


Leverage high-level of repeat orders to nurture customer loyalty and advocacy

Klaviyo was incorporated as the email platform because it integrates seamlessly with Shopify and supports a high level of personalisation and targeting. Our design team brought the distinctive styling of the website to Klaviyo for a seamless UX wherever the user interacted with the brand.


We configured the brand style and added custom fonts in Klaviyo which would be automatically applied when creating new emails. Universal content blocks were also created for frequently used sections such as headers, footer and product grids which could be easily added to any template.

We then developed automated flows to retarget users throughout the buying journey with relevant content and CTAs, this simplified the journey to completing their purchase. 9% of abandoned checkouts were recovered from the ‘abandon cart’ flow. Klaviyo's dynamic product block was an essential feature that helped create more relevant and personalised content.

Through integrating recharge and segmenting users by membership status, we created separate flows or emails for paid subscribers or customers with multiple repeat orders. The focus was to harness customer loyalty to collect reviews and build advocacy.

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