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A considered headless experience. User experience for widely varied audience needs and business goals.

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The Resorts World Birmingham website is a bustling hub for entertainment, shopping, and dining. It offers a wide range of experiences from cinema with IMAX™ to various eateries, shopping outlets, and even a spa and casino. It also promotes special events, offers, and job vacancies.

we explore the ambitious redesign and relaunch of the Resorts World Birmingham website, a project that presented a labyrinth of user needs and expectations. Tasked with creating a seamless experience across a multitude of services and activities, the team delved into comprehensive user personas and journey mapping. This groundwork was instrumental in crafting intuitive user flows that guide visitors effortlessly through the site's rich offerings.

One of the pivotal challenges was ensuring mobile responsivity. Given the on-the-go nature of Resorts World's audience, the site had to perform flawlessly across various devices. This required meticulous optimisation and testing to guarantee a smooth user experience, irrespective of the device used.

Another significant undertaking was the overhaul of the site's content architecture. With a wide range of services, from dining and shopping to entertainment and special events, the content had to be organised in a way that was both intuitive and relevant. We worked carefully and considerately - prioritising key sections and streamlining the navigation to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.


Post-launch feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, validating the team's strategic choices and meticulous execution. While the project was a monumental challenge, it was one that was relished by the team, and the results speak for themselves. Looking back, the journey was as enriching as the outcome, offering valuable insights that will inform future projects.


In crafting our solution, we leveraged a headless front-end on CraftCMS, a strategic move that significantly sped up the front-end performance. This allowed us to focus on creating a highly responsive and dynamic user experience without being bogged down by back-end limitations. The headless architecture gave us the flexibility to implement a modular design system, which was key in accommodating the diverse range of services and activities that Resorts World offers.

By adopting a mobile-first design strategy, we ensured that all site features were fully optimised for smaller screens, capturing the on-the-go audience effectively. The robust capabilities of CraftCMS also enabled us to streamline the site's content architecture, making it both scalable and easy to update. We used clear, intuitive categories and smart search functionalities to simplify navigation, thereby boosting user engagement and satisfaction. Overall, the solution was a harmonious blend of strategic thinking, user-centric design, and cutting-edge technology, all geared towards creating an exceptional user experience.


Based on our indepth research, we built a site that enabled users to explore online every facet of what Resorts World Birmingham has to offer. Promoting their position as a place for life experiences that cater to almost any customer desire, and keep people coming back, was their key goal.


Following the relaunch, the results were nothing short of remarkable. User engagement metrics soared, with a significant uptick in both session durations and page views. The mobile-first approach paid off handsomely, as we saw a substantial increase in mobile traffic and conversions.

The headless front-end on CraftCMS not only improved site speed but also made content updates a breeze, allowing us to keep the site fresh and relevant. This, in turn, led to higher user satisfaction rates and positive feedback. The streamlined navigation and intuitive user flows contributed to a lower bounce rate, indicating that users were finding what they were looking for with ease. Overall, the redesign achieved its goals of enhancing user experience, boosting engagement, and increasing conversions, validating the hard work and strategic thinking that went into the project.


Throughout the journey, we thoroughly enjoyed our close collaboration with Resorts World, which gave us valuable insights into their unique business landscape. We guided them through the intricate maze of their user flows, utilising research-led design and technology to craft an exceptionally effective user experience. Post-launch, our relationship has only strengthened; as a now long-standing verse.partner, we've been thankful to continue to serve as a strategic ally, helping Resorts World to adapt and grow through the challenges of the pandemic and beyond.


20% Increase in the average sessions per month

25% Increase in average users per month

15% Decrease in bounce rates

“When we came to Verse with our website project we knew our goal; we needed to ensure our online presence both lived up to and sold the experience in-person and helped users find all the information they needed clearly, but we didn’t have a vision for it yet. The team were thorough and knowledgeable, involving all our key stakeholders in the discovery process, and their designs were exactly what we had been hoping for. Throughout the project no detail (or piece of feedback) went ignored and the end result was a beautiful online presence that works well for our guests and internal team alike. The team have been responsive when anything urgent has come up and are always a pleasure to interact with. We look forward to our continued work with them.”

Sarah McHugh

Digital and Communications Manager

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